Neck pain or stiffness is a widespread problem in our society. Neck pain can occur anywhere in your neck from the base of the head to the top of the shoulders. The pain can spread into your head, arms, or upper back and can cause more problems. 

Neck pain is commonly associated with other symptoms as follows: 

  • neck stiffness
  • headaches
  • muscle tightness of the shoulders and upper back
  • numbness and tingling down the arm. 

Neck pain can be a sign of more serious issues such as disc degeneration or herniation, arthritis, spinal stenosis, and radiculopathy. If it becomes a chronic issue, it can lead to fatigue, depression, and anxiety.

A variety of events can lead to neck pain. Common causes include poor posture, poor ergonomic habits or lifestyles, automobile or sports injuries, poor sleep position, or repetitive overuse of the neck and upper back muscles. 


Relieve neck pain with Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic treatments

Our chiropractors focus on the upper neck region (atlas vertebra) between the head-neck junction, which is commonly injured and can contribute to pain in the lower neck and upper back region. They do an in-depth assessment to determine and understand the misalignment pattern that is unique to every individual.

Upper cervical Atlas Orthogonal chiropractic care does not involve cracking, twisting, or popping of the neck, but it does deliver a gentle and precise adjustment using an Atlas Orthogonal instrument to reduce joint restriction in the upper cervical joint. Keeping your head and neck straight can reduce inflammation and improve the function of affected joints and the nervous system. 

Our chiropractors start your care by looking for the underlying cause of your neck pain including a thorough medical history and physical examination, and we take digital x-rays, if needed, to identify the cause of the problems and provide you the care you deserve.

If you have been suffering from neck pain and want to resolve it, contact us at Vitalpoint Chiropractic to schedule your appointment now for the upper cervical care.

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